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Great Engine Web DB Explorer is an assistant tool which focus on website database develops and maintain. It use HTTP protocol, which either can easy publish in B/S structure or have maneuverability in C/S structure.

Web DB Explorer is the true thin client database develops tools and not need to install and configure the database client software, just need to copy relevant Web DB Server Script to the website and add new connection on Web DB Explorer.

Web DB Explorer is the database develop tools that support VS.NET and J2EE.The Web DB Server Script can run on IIS, Apache, Tomcat and WebLogic, JBoss etc, Web DB Server Script include ASP, ASP.NET, PHP AND JSP, support Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, MySQL and Access.

Web DB Explorer is the online document server, create the remark database and remark the database objects, and shared the remark information to other member of the develop teem.

The software has interface to support multi-languages, all it needs is configuration files, and then it can get the new ability to support a new language.



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To make a website database, choice SQL Server or Access?

To make a website Database, choice SQL server is better than Access or not? You may say that: the best is select MySQL . But now is discussing the choice in IIS+ASP, not the situation of Apache+PHP. If the software is used in intranet, and the cost of software is not been consider, SQL server is the best. It sounds that it is no need to discuss. But it is not the same to use in internet, because the entire person to make website is to renting visual server. So the familiar combination is PHP+MySQL, ASP+Access or ASP + SQL server. So we can compare the SQL server and Access as flow:


The cost of vistual server of SQL Server will be 1.5 to 2.5 times to ACCCESS.


Compare to SQL sever, ACCESS is not better in capability and stability .But pay attention please, and it is not the same to use SQL Server on internet and on intranet. If your SQL server is open, please open "SQL query",connect to SQL server, then execute "EXEC sp_who",you will see thousands of rows return. That means that your SQL server is dealing with hundreds of connection. Then you execute "select count(*) from master. Sysdatabases ", you will see the result will be over hundreds. According to this parameter, it can not think that SQL server is better than ACCESS.


ACCESS is not same level to the SQL server in development capability. ACCESS has no foreign key and Stored Procedures, and the SQL function is not too much as SQL server. And that the interface designs capability of ACCESS is no use in web database design. Further more, ACCESS not provide the SQL sentence write tools such like "SQL query".


SQL server can use "enterprise manager" or "query analyzer" to maintain the database on internet. But first the SQL server must open the TCP/IP and you can connect internet or your proxy server open port 1433 .And when ACCESS translate files to website ,if you have no assistant tools or you can not write ASP script ,you can not maintain it online. The only way is maintain offline by FTP the files to local.

From upwards, I t is advantage in cost when you use ACCESS, the capability is not too worse than others. But the capability of maintain after put into production and capability develop is not enough. And you can use "Web DB Explorer" to make up it. This software can upload the ACCESS files to website and do the function of query, insert, update and delete online in ACCESS ,this capability is not in other database assistant develop tools base on ODBC.


The best Database document is binding with Database structure


Database documents are highest frequency use document during the development of software. Usually these documents are saving in Word or Excel, and maintain by document manager. The developer must check these documents continually, and it is very inconvenience.

You can use Great Engine Web DB Explorer ("This software" is been named as below) can solve the problem of this side . This software can be used as document online server. When you install server script the remark database (webdb_mdb.asp) will be install at the same time. This file must in the same directory with webdb.asp . Though many Web DB Explorer instances can install in one IIS server, but our advice is install one , and make it easy to manage .

This software provides a Database structure view box like a tree. You can view columns, index, primary key, foreign key of the table, view and Stored Procedures and adding remarks to these objects, then the online database documents will be make.

Through view the table, view, Stored Procedures and view the structure of table (view), Stored Procedures, you can check the detail of database documents online. This software provides a very useful function, that you can see the remarks of correlation fields in status bar while you?¡¥re editing the table. It can reduce the times of check the documents.


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