Seow Phong


We are mainly committed to developing open-source class libraries based on the .net platform. Using these libraries can improve the efficiency of your .net development and make the interface calls to .net more concise.

Most of the class libraries we have developed can be used on both Windows and Linux platforms, but some libraries can only run on the Windows platform to simplify reference dependencies.


Currently, the class libraries we develop use the MIT open-source software protocol.

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A tool set class library that simplifies the .net development interface.
A simplified tool interface class library based on .net platform, including function set, array, text, file, XML, JSON,shared Memory, md5 ,registry,HTTP request and compression.
AES, 3DES and RSA encryption processing.
Configuration file management supporting configuration item encryption.
Simple sorting processing.
Key value and cache processing.
Logging and error handling.
Multilingual processing.
Directory and file operations.
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Including all functions of PigToolsLiteLib.
Based on the .NETFramework reference, the executable code file is smaller.
More complete JSON processing function.
Including HTTP context processing, it is possible to develop class libraries that run on IIS.
Deploying on IIS requires setting "Enable 32-Bit Applications" in the Application Pool
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An interface class library specially designed for MS-SQL server.
Friendly calling interface for Command of SQL Server StoredProcedure and SQL statement Text.
Support automatic switch connection of mirror database for high availability.
Support the transformation of query results into JSON and XML.
Key value based on SQL Server.
Support cache query.
Database connection management.
Generate SQL statements or VB code for tables or views.
Common SQL Server operation tool functions.
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Application of calling operating system commands and call file.
Get enhancements for parent and child processes
A series of console functions, including reading lines, whether to select, simple menus, etc.
Asynchronous processing.
Wmic calls and operating system commands.
Get host hardware and software information.
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A library that can support multiple .net frameworks, and its interface is similar to Microsoft Scripting Runtime of VB6,easy to upgrade VB6 code to VB.NET, can run at windows and linux.
Can solve .net reading ASCII files with Chinese garbled code.
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An application class library for dealing with mainstream Web Services.
Manage and control Weblogic.
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